Engagement and wedding rings

Bespoke engagement rings

As creators of emotions, we make your engagement ring to measure based on your love story. From the choice of stone to the creation of the ring, we welcome the expression of your desires, however abstract they may be, in the utmost confidentiality, and translate them into a unique and exceptional jewel that embodies them. Through this shared intimacy, we are able to guide you in the choice of a gemstone that will forever bear witness to the singularity of your passion and feelings.

All our creations are made in our workshops in Belgium and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, delivered with your jewel. Starting from 0,28 carats, our diamonds are also accompanied by an international gemological certificate.

What is a diamond ?

Originating from the Greek word “adamas”, the name diamond means “invincible””. A mineral composed of 99,95% carbon, the diamond is the hardest element on Earth. Formed at extreme underground depths under high pressure and temperatures, this gemstone is over a billion years old.

The 4Cs of diamond

Our commitment to transparency is deeply rooted in the DNA of our House. We are therefore pleased to share with you the international valuation criteria for diamonds, whose price varies according to the “4Cs”.


This criterion evaluates the quality of the diamond’s proportions, symmetries and number of facets, which contribute to the power of its brilliance. The GIA grades a diamond’s cut from “Excellent” to “Poor”, the former designating a perfectly cut diamond according to established standards; the latter referring to a diamond whose proportions do not meet these same standards.


The carat is the unit of measurement for the weight of a diamond (as well as other precious or semi-precious stones), a fundamental criterion in determining its price.

One carat corresponds to 0,20 grams.


The color of the stone is also subject to GIA grading criteria. On a scale of D to Z, D is the most beautiful color a diamond can have, an exceptional “Colorless” white. Z, on the other hand, is attributed to a tinted “Light” color, with yellow or brown tones.


Your diamond may have natural imperfections. These are defined as inclusions and may alter the quality of your diamond. Therefore, the GIA laboratory has created clarity categories to grade diamonds. FL or “Flawless” diamonds show no impurities under a x10 magnifying glass. I3 or “Included” diamonds have impurities large enough to see with the naked eye.

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