The house

Our history

The story of our House has been written over three generations. It began in the 1950s with Benjamin Klein, who exclusively supplied Swiss Fine Watchmaking with perfectly cut diamonds. A work of craftsmanship that was decorated by King Baudouin, who named him Knight of the Order of Leopold on April 24, 1964.

Benjamin passed on his passion for diamonds, skillfully translated into frontier breaking savoir-faire, to his son, Serge Klein, in the 1970s. As an expert in rough diamonds at the service of various institutions, Serge embodies the continuation of what has resolutely become a family tradition…

In 1979, in love with his profession, Serge decided to share his passion for diamonds with the public in the right setting and established La Maison du Diamant, initially on Boulevard de Waterloo in the heart of Brussels. From here, he cultivated the pleasure of sharing the many virtues of these fascinating stones, inscribing in the DNA of our House a unique talent for communicating their characteristics to our esteemed clients.

Seduced by the work of his elders, and impatient to also become a privileged witness to the meeting between a person and the stone of their dreams, Anthony Klein, Serge’s son, joined the family business in 2008. Anthony continues our tradition of sharing knowledge with our clients, who in search of exceptional stones, find the guarantee of the perfect jewel for every occasion in our expert advice.

Convinced by the nobility of our intentions, Maison Boucheron entrusted us with the exclusive representation of its products in Belgium in 2010. Thanks to this collaboration and the trust placed in us by our clients, our House moved to Place du Grand Sablon in 2018, the heart of the Brussels jewelry industry, whose artistic spirit perfectly matches our own.

Modern and warm at the same time, our jewelers welcomes lovers and lovers of precious stones. Attentive to the stories and desires of each person, today we continue the quest for the stone that will mark the life of those who entrust it to our expert hands.

Our values

Carried by the core values of our House, we offer you an experienced ear that understands the importance of the mission placed in our hands when you enter the door of our jewelers.

Warm and welcoming, our House will be your loyal companion. From behind the scenes, we will celebrate with you the precious moments in life that deserve your full attention.

In your quest for the ideal gemstone, each of our meetings is a privileged moment, marked by the sharing of our knowledge. Together, we walk towards an informed choice that takes into account every detail of your wishes as well as the budget you wish to dedicate to its realization.

The 4Cs of La Maison du Diamant


Our advisors offer expert counsel as partners and witnesses of major events in your life, the bearers of your most beautiful emotions: from engagements to marriages and anniversaries.


We understand your needs and willingly share our knowledge. We unite your desires with our know-how to give birth to a timeless piece that will forever mark an important moment in your life.


Our knowledge of diamonds has been passed down from father to son for three generations, making our jewelers a place of trust and confidence for more than 70 years.


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. A deep understanding of the challenges involved in choosing a stone or a piece of jewelry and the ability to listen carefully to the story behind it, are all things you will find when you walk through the door of our jewelers.

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